To the Bonsall School Community,

May your holidays be the best ever, and full of rest, relaxation and realization of the many great blessings we enjoy. Serving the Bonsall school community is an opportunity so wonderful I often think of it as a gift for which I am very grateful. Although times are difficult for many of us, the collaboration and support we share to provide “academic excellence and support for all students” makes our efforts go so much further.

Knowing that our staff has contributed to the adoptions of less fortunate families so their enjoyment of the holidays is not lost to this bad economy, hearing that staff are sharing performance awards with each other, and listening to the children singing with joy during this holiday season fills me with admiration and wonder at the convergence of truly wonderful people that compose the school community of Bonsall. Although budget issues are still tenuous, I am confident that with everyone collaborating, communicating, and caring, we will not only get through these uncertain times, we will thrive in ways that make this a even stronger school community.

However, I am concerned that the pace and demands of changing and adapting our schools to the new environment that technology has created during this recession will bring a stress level that requires rest and reflection; but some will not use the vacation this way. So please, I urge everyone to not let the holidays add more stress; enjoy the holiday spirit with those you love, make healthy decisions, share the joy of the season with others and wisely use this time for peaceful rejuvenation.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to serve this great school community. I wish everyone a merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, New Year or whatever celebration you prefer during this holiday season!

Sincerely, yours,

Justin Cunningham, Ed. D.