Welcome back Bonsall School Community!  

The Welcome Back workshop for the entire staff last Wednesday was an outstanding kick off  for what I believe will be the best year Boansall schools have ever had.  Over the summer the District was able to hire some wonderful new employees, it appears that we are gaining in enrollment, and the preliminary indications for our California Standards Test data look favorable.  Our momentum towards our vision/mission of “Academic Excellence and Support for All Students”, with a focus on results continues to improve.

With August 27, 2012 being the first day of school for students, please remember to reserve an extra long time for  drop off and pick up of students for the next few weeks.  It will be a hot first week and the traffic is expected to require everyone’s patience and understanding.  One of the 21st century skills we are focusing on is civility.  The patience and civility the adults model for the students during this time will have a great impact on helping our children deal with crowded situations; something they will experience.  This will get us through this initial rough period when so many parents want to walk their children to class.

Again, I want to welcome everyone back to what I believe will be Bonsall’s best year yet!


Justin Cunningahm  Ed. D.