The purpose of the Prop BB Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, 10/30/12 at 6pm in the Bonsall Community Center, is to maintain the collaborative culture that has been a foundation of the success in Bonsall schools.  The Bonsall school community has made it through these very tough times and thrived  by working together toward our vision/mission of “Academic Excellence and Support for All Students.” Regardless of the outcome of the election we don’t want to threaten the strong relationships that have made our success possible.  The meeting is not an opportunity to campaign for, or against Prop BB.  It will be a chance to model for our children how thoughtful, civil discourse provides a chance for voters to fully weigh the pros and cons and vote from an informed position.  Our nation has a wonderful participatory form of government, and we have a chance to thoughtfully address the issues as our forefathers did, before mass media turned elections into divisive, sensational and emotional circuses.  The intent is to use words and consideration, while avoiding emotional noise making like clapping and loud expressions of approval or disdain.

A non-partisan moderator will set the tone for a productive discussion of the issues.  There will be a panel of individuals for Prop BB to present their motivations, and concerns.  Then there will be a panel of individuals against Prop BB to present their motivations and concerns.  Cards will be available for members of the audience to submit questions to either panel to further clarify the reasons for or against Prop BB.  Again, regardless of how the election turns out, our responsibility to increase student learning in Bonsall remains, and we can’t let this election weaken the collaborative culture that makes our continuous improvement possible. We look forward to a great meeting.