With the election day behind us, we still are unsure of the outcome of the Proposition BB.  The San Diego County Registrar of Voters has only counted the 8181 mail in ballots.  So far Prop BB is passing by 52%.  The remainder of the votes should be counted and the results reported by Thursday, November 8, 2012.

In other election news, Proposition 30, raising state taxes to fund education, did pass.  Although it doesn’t provide more funds for schools, it does remove the threat of deep cuts to school district budgets if it didn’t pass. It also reduces the amount of money that is deferred from paying schools on time; this is great news for public schools because they wont have to borrow money to carry them over until the money they are owed is paid.

Thanks to all those that voted , and especially those that agreed to raise taxes related to supporting public education.  We will work hard to continue to improve in our pursuit of  “Academic Excellence and Support for All Students”.