The Bonsall School Community owes its unique culture of collaboration and cohesiveness, along with its pursuit of academic excellence and support for all students to not only the present members of our school community but also those of the past.  Norman Sullivan, for whom our middle school is named after , was laid to rest late last month.  His tenure as Superintendent of the Bonsall Union School District is among the longest of any superintendent in the United States.  From the late 1950s to the late 1980’s he guided Bonsall through its history of being a small one school site district to what it is today.  He helped the community create a foundation for a culture that allows us to go where few districts have gone before us.  We are very grateful for his leadership and contributions that enable Bonsall to take giant strides into the future of education.

One of those giant strides is the passage of Proposition BB.  As a unified district Bonsall will be able to create a high school that won’t be guided by our 20th century experiences of high school.  This academy style high school will be designed to link learning to the students’ future of college and career.  The A-G requirements to meet acceptance into the University of California system will be integrated into internships with the world of business and industry.  The increased relevance of learning will also allow us to increase the rigor and expectations.  Models of academy style schools show much better data related to attendance, performance, and discipline.  School community input into our high school design and development will be sought.  It will be important to help everyone look through the lens of opportunities and possibilities rather than only our past experience.  We intend to spend the next year and a half in the development stage and begin with ninth grade students in the 2014-15 school year.

Please return to this blog for updates as we move through the exciting opportunity to have a purpose-driven high school where we don’t do things because that’s the way we’ve always done them.  Communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and civility will be skills our students will develop to prepare them for their future.  What an exciting opportunity to develop high school as it should be, not as it has been!