Dear Bonsall School Community,

As if technology’s impact on changing how we live and work isn’t enough, public education in San Diego County has some looming monumental shifts coming. We are transitioning to the Common Core Curriculum Standards and Smarter Balance Assessments, the Local Control Funding Formula replacing revenue limit calculation, and using a new business/ human resources software platform. Is it any wonder that six superintendents in our county recently announced their retirement?

They don’t even have a unification to deal with! I write this to you because serving as Superintendent of the Bonsall Unified School District is a about to go into hyperdrive. This increased complexity will require strengthening Bonsall’s culture of cohesive collaboration and creativity by improving our communication. It seems prudent to have a weekly update to bring us into a more common understanding of how to increase student learning in the turbulent times ahead, particularly unification. This e-blast format, which requires no reply, will be more effective communication than the current blog because it is going out to as many members of the Bonsall school community as possible.

Technology’s pace requires us to look ahead and be nimble enough to adapt while preserving our mission/vision of “Academic Excellence and Support for All Students.” The purpose of these updates will be to give you an idea of what’s ahead, and an awareness of why we are taking certain actions. For example, this month we will begin the sixteen-month process of transitioning from Bonsall Union School District to Bonsall Unified School District; ending one district while starting another. The current Governing Board Members will be appointed as the Unified District’s interim Board Members until the November 2014 general election. There will be two Board Meetings per month. I attached a review of where we are in the process, gleaned from a write up published by the County Office of Education.

These e-blasts will also share important information that is driving decision-making at the district level. Examples are the short but powerful video links below that I urge you to review if you want to know why and where the district is headed to provide our Bonsall school community with 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, civility, and global competence that will lead to continuous improvement of student learning in Bonsall schools.