4/1/13 Blog

Dear Bonsall School Community,

Our classified employees provide the support that makes our District operate effectively. There have been many successful adjustments to operations in Bonsall schools over the last five years, and much of the credit is due to the great effort, teamwork, and can-do attitude of our classified employees. The instructional support, the office management, the cleanliness and appearance of facilities, transportation, food service, playground supervision, clerical support, and afterschool programs all create a learning environment that enables our “Academic Excellence and Support for All Students”. It is with great pleasure that I present Carla Alvarez as the Classified Employee of the Year for the Bonsall Union School District. I was delighted when I heard she won the vote for this award because just the day before I was impressed with her skills in helping students to learn. It is employees like her that make Bonsall schools so successful!

I want to put to rest some rumors regarding our unification that have spread far enough to get back to my office. The portable classrooms that are being added to the Bonsall West Campus are being placed there to deal with the growth of Bonsall West; with increased enrollment and the transitional kindergarten being added, we just needed more classrooms. It is not due to unification. The Sullivan campus has eight extra classrooms and that is enough room to add ninth grade in the fall of 2014 without having to move any grades elsewhere. If, in the future, our K-5 or K-6 schools need to add a grade, that will be a decision to be made years from now when we have a better idea of the number of students of the new high school.

Designing our new high school for the 21st century is exciting. The foundational skills required to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy will be similar to what has brought Bonsall schools to their current level of success; the collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity have all helped greatly. Effective use of technology to increase student engagement and community interaction will continue to help our students to achieve at higher levels. However, the self-management required will be far greater in a high school designed to provide a competitive advantage for our graduates in the world of higher education or work.

It is our intention that our students are pulled through school by managing their future rather than being pushed through by compliance with a system designed for the last century. There is far too much waste in the old system that we intend to eliminate; we want to be better, faster, and of higher quality. We plan to maximize time and effort for value-added results for our community.