Dear Bonsall School Community,

Considering this is the last few weeks of the school year, it is time to send out our survey of parents.  Our Strategic Plan is measured with success indicators, and surveys allow us to consider the perspective of the different stakeholders in the Bonsall Community on how well we are reaching our vision/mission of “Academic Excellence and Support for All Students”.  The window for the parent survey is now open and will close at 5 pm on June 12, 2013.  A report to the Governing Board of Trustees on the results of the survey will be given at their Regular Board Meeting taking place on June 13, 2013. Below is the link to the survey:


Our State Legislature is considering how to put the 2013-14 budget into law and how the Governor’s Local Control Funding Formula will take place.  This is a major revision of how schools will be funded and we are not sure yet how this will turn out.  Exactly how Bonsall will benefit remains to be seen.  We do anticipate receiving more funds for teacher professional development and technology to be able to implement the Common Core State Standards and the Smarter Balance Assessment in the 2014-15 school year.  Exactly how much also remains to be seen.

There is some push back against the Common Core by some groups in other states; for example, some are concerned that classics literature will be reduced to make room in the curriculum for non-fiction reading.  No one expected change in schools to be easy, but it is prudent to understand why the change is needed.  In this literature situation part of the reason for this shift in curriculum is because the general reading level of classic literature is relatively lower than what is needed for science, technology, engineering and math (often referred to as STEM).  The future global economy will be dominated by STEM and is already highly competitive.  We must prepare our children for their future.

During this summer vacation I will continue to blog on the latest developments that will impact the next school year and also keep the Bonsall School Community up to date on the unification and high school design issues.  Currently, the High School Design Committee is still reviewing high performing school models, but the general consensus is that the principles that guide our search are: rigor, relevance, and relationship in the context of community.

Have a wonderful summer, and remember that the portal is open 24/7, all year long, so learning can continue throughout the summer.  This is a great way to avoid the slipping back in learning that we see in too many students over the summer months.

Most of all however, enjoy the time together as family.  It goes by too fast.


Justin Cunningham, Ed.D.