Dear Bonsall School Community,

Welcome Back! This coming school year looks more promising than ever! The transition through new state standards, their assessment, and a new funding model for California schools all appear to be moving from the storming and forming phase into the norming phase. We are receiving data over the next couple months that help us see were we have best practices and where we need more focus. This sets us back on track to achieving the District Core Elements below, which were updated and approved by the Governing Board last week:


“Academic excellence and support for all students to be highly competitive in their chosen career path and/or college”


Dedication to Continuous Improvement

Guiding Principles:

  • Develop young people of quality character, knowing that knowledge without depth of heart serves no positive purpose to the community
  • Improve student achievement and student well-being
  • Preserve the trust relationship between the district and the school/community
  • Protect the fiscal security and condition of the district
  • Provide, to the extent possible, equitable salaries, benefits, and working conditions for all employees

LCAP Goals:

  • Create a safe and welcoming environment by building relationships that engage families, students and staff.
  • Student Math MAP scores in Bonsall Unified schools will show a 5 point annual growth in RIT score. High school students will formulate a baseline of growth using the Khan PSAT.
  • Student ELA MAP scores in Bonsall Unified schools will show a 5 point annual growth in RIT scores. High school students will formulate a baseline of growth using the Khan PSAT.

The LCAP was discussed earlier in this blog and the goals will be reviewed again after we get more data on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). We might switch from MAP’s RIT scores to CAASPP scores as the new state assessment gains validity.

Last week’s Board meeting also approved another item that has become part of our Core Elements; something we call our KSAs:

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes of a Bonsall Student


  • Bonsall students demonstrate a mastery of core knowledge across all discipline areas (as defined by state standards).
  • They easily make sophisticated connections and find patterns between and among discipline areas.
  • Students demonstrate the ability to understand, utilizing the knowledge and skills of a discipline to reason, problem-solve, and develop sound arguments or decisions while citing evidence for their stance.


  • Bonsall student writing is clearly and consistently organized, fully developed, fluent, and generally free from errors.
  • They can effectively communicate complex ideas in well organized and engaging oral presentations to a variety of audiences, for many purposes.
  • Students can effectively collaborate with others on complex tasks and can adopt different roles including leadership based on group needs.
  • Students demonstrate mastery of other college and career readiness skills such as creativity, innovation, technology literacy, researching, social interaction, time management, etc.

Attributes (Agency)

  • Bonsall students have a growth mind set and see challenges as learning opportunities, knowing that if they work at something, their performance improves. They regularly refine their work and reflect on their performance.

They also believe that they are capable of achieving at high levels across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

  • They are confident in many settings and demonstrate the attributes of highly effective people including resilience, patience, adaptability, and persistence.
  • Students demonstrate the capacity to be self-directed in making choices that will affect their current and future success while seeking the advice and guidance of trusted allies.
  • Students accept the responsibility of their actions, and although they recognize external circumstances, focus on their own choices and behaviors instead.

As our school community grows we want to keep our focus on not only the academic knowledge and skills but also the attributes that lead our entire Bonsall School Community to “Academic Excellence and support for all students to be highly competitive in their chosen career path and/or college”.

The drop off and pick up of students for the first few days of school have gone relatively smooth. We so appreciate the patience and thoughtful consideration required in such traffic on these hot days. Having so many adults model understanding and being nice, despite trying situations, is of great benefit to our students.