Dear Bonsall School Community,

The bomb threat evacuation that took place at Sullivan Middle School just prior to school starting last Friday, August 28, is still being aggressively investigated.  Our debriefing helped us to identify needed changes, particularly in the recent switch from our old Synergy student information system; only the K-6 grade parent phone numbers migrated to the new Aeries system at the district level. We regret any discomfort caused by this glitch and its resulting communication problem, but we are pleased to have had the situation identified and corrected. We are grateful the bomb threat was a hoax; it helped us to realize how important our planning and practice has been. Although we received a few parent complaints about the communication glitch, many comments were received about how quickly and efficiently protocols were implemented at the site.  The students, staff, and families of the Sullivan Middle and Bonsall High Schools, as well as the Sheriff and Fire Departments are all to be commended for a job well done.  School resumed before 9:00 a.m.

After a thorough investigation the Sheriff determined that the student originally seen taken into custody by the Sheriff’s Department had been set up, and he was released to his parent.  Leads are being followed and we are very confident the perpetrator will be found.  However, we hope the perpetrator turns himself in quickly because the more energy and money government authorities spend on the investigation the more severe and long lasting the punishment is likely to be.

When something like this occurs in Bonsall, just like the evacuation during the fires in 2014, the school community here does a wonderful job of coming together to effectively respond. The positive nature of this school community and its focus on “Academic excellence and support for all students to become highly competitive in the chosen career path and/or college” continues to make us an outstanding and continuously improving school community.


Justin Cunningham