September 21, 2015

Dear Bonsall School Community,

At our last Bonsall Unified School District Board Meeting we discussed the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) results. Considering that many parents will be receiving their student’s individual scores soon, it seemed prudent to provide the grade level, district, county, and state scores for comparison.

       2015 CAASPP % of Met or Exceeded Standards Results

Grade Level ELA Math Science (CST)
3 51 59
4 65 54
5 66 56 78
6 55 60
7 56 58
8 65 48 87
Districtwide Grades 3-8 60 58 83
SD County Grades 3-8 51 42 62
California Grades 3-8 44 34 60

To make this awareness of cyber security district wide we are implementing Digital Citizenship training so our teachers will be able to help students, parents, staff, and community members better protect themselves from cyber attacks and use the Internet in a safe and considerate manner.Please let me conclude by saying that there will be no added links to these blog entries until there is better cyber security on the Internet. Our District has received several cyber attacks that have created many shutdowns and restructuring of our network infrastructure to protect our data and privacy. This made the start of the school year difficult because we have moved so many operations to web based platforms. Many other school districts and businesses have experienced increased criminal cyber activity. Often, the attack occurs through a link or attachment that appears attractive or innocent, and might even come from what appears to be a trusted source. In these future blog entries there might be a URL address given but no hyperlink.Again, after a couple years without ELA and Math state test data, we are delighted to again have a success indicator measure the continuous improvement of our “Academic excellence and support for all students to be highly competitive in their chosen career path and/or college”.Although many people think we did well when compared to neighboring school districts, we believe we can do much better. However, we are delighted to have this baseline data to improve upon. This being the first time taking the new, more rigorous assessment we did fairly well, especially when we compare ourselves to the early scores of the CST; those were far lower than these CAASPP scores.

Recently, when a campus Internet service seemed unusually slow, we audited our secure network and found hundreds of cell phones using the bandwidth. Therefore, we will be implementing a policy that removes cell phones from the secure network on our campuses. The guest network is still available, but we need to protect the bandwidth on the secure network to serve instruction and student learning.
Technology is like any other utility today; we need to use it wisely and model appropriate behavior for our young people. The attributes of character that we addressed in the last blog entry will help Bonsall students to cultivate a continuously improving community for us all to enjoy.


Justin Cunningham