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Dear Bonsall School Community,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Spring is almost here and we’re heading into the last quarter of the school year already!  It’s a very busy time as many of the student art and athletic performances are held, we also have Easter Break, Open House nights at each school site, and the CAASPP summative assessment.  Such student learning data helps compare to last year’s base line, informing our continuous improvement.

I had to share this picture of the bright blooms on the succulents that the Bonsall school community planted last year at Sullivan Middle School.  Such gracious dedication of time and labor by such a wonderfully supportive community is what makes Bonsall such a great place to live.  It’s environments like this that lead to “Academic excellence and support for all students to become highly competitive in their chosen career path and/or college.”

In the last blog post we were concerned about a Morgan Hill special education court case where the judge was requiring data from the California Department of Education for all California students.  As it turns out, there were so many parents across the state that sent in their objection letters that the judge has now changed the request for only special education student data.  We do hope the legal outcome pleads to more funding to help students with learning disabilities, because so many of the federal legal requirements aren’t supported with funding necessary to meet them.  Personalized learning is effective, but not cheap.

Personalized learning is an opportunity we want all students in Bonsall to have.  Anytime, any place, any path, any pace, we want to support the development of the brains of Bonsall students to survive and thrive at a higher level.  In an effort to prevent the learning dip so many students have over the summer vacation, we are exploring the possibility of providing an independent study and enrichment summer school in Bonsall.   Soon we will let the community know more about this.

Wednesday we had our first parent meeting to discuss our plans for starting a dual immersion class of Spanish and English. Beginning in kindergarten, and eventually working up through the high school, students in these classes will be taught part of the day in Spanish, and part of the day in English.  This movement toward bi-literacy will help more students access an increasingly competitive global market place.  More importantly, this innovation aligns with brain development; we’ve known for a long time that the brain learns a new language much more effectively before puberty sets in.

In this extraordinary election year, if you want to get a better idea of how we are preparing our students for their civic duties, watch the video link here: BUSD site.  Working hard to give students the abilities to present thoughtful but opposing political views in a civil manner is a focus of our award winning 8th grade US History, and English Language Arts programs.  It’s great to see the students’ appreciation for the work our founding fathers have done and their informed sense of civic responsibility.


Justin Cunningham, Ed D