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Dear Bonsall School Community,

I have loved serving the Bonsall school community, and it has been a great joy to see its momentum of increased performance.  However, it is clear to me that the rehabilitation of my total knee replacement will require such time and attention that there is no peace in a decision imposing my disability on the performance of the Bonsall Unified School District.  As I have said before, health is optimal performance not just freedom of illness or injury.   Patience and therapy are calling for my time and attention to address this health issue for the next 8-10 months.  It would be too presumptuous to take that time and attention from Bonsall schools.  These are incredibly important times; our purpose of “Academic excellence and support for all students to be highly competitive in their chosen career path and college” demands hyper-focused leadership.

I will continue to serve until July 31, 2017 and support the transition of new leadership.   Application screening and interviews will take place until the Bonsall Superintendent position is filled.   In May, school community focus groups will meet to provide input into the desired characteristics of the new superintendent.  My goal is to have a finalist in place by July 1, 2017.  The new superintendent will be extremely fortunate to serve such a wonderful school community.

Bonsall is a gem, and its future is very bright.  There is a very unique convergence of wonderfully talented, kind and faithful people that keep it on a trajectory of continuous improvement.  I am very grateful to have served as its Superintendent these last nine years and look forward to hearing of its amazing accomplishments in the future.  Very few Districts are preparing their students for the accelerated pace of change as well as the Bonsall school community does.  Thank you all for what you do to contribute to improving public education and the future of our United States of America.

Sincerely yours,

Justin Cunningham, Ed.D.